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What we make

Promotion and management of industrial parks

The main activity of SPRILUR is based on promoting and managing the development of industrial parks by restoring urbanized land and building modular pavilions and offices, aimed at companies that need proper locations and adapted to their business, in order to promote competitiveness.

The industrial infrastructure management is channeled through three lines of action:

1. Polygons own management, 42 industrial areas

2. Management-PROGRAM subsidiaries INDUSTRIALDEAK-12, majority societies, five industrial areas minoritarias and 67 industrial areas

3. Strategic project management and special assets.

Other Activities

Strategy Management improved, sustainable commitment and benchmarking SPRILUR stakeholders contributes to national and international levels in order to innovate and improve our management activity. The quality of service and product, our commitment to sustainable development, energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility, remain priorities for compliance with the guidelines set in the Strategic Plan approved by the Basque Government.

Thus, the Group SPRILUR leads and participates in projects to improve the management of business areas through:

1. Improving the management of our business areas through programs of European and reference as IDB Project-Managing MITKE Industrial Territories in the Knowledge Era. Cooperation with 10 European regions for the best practices in the management of business areas.

2. Improving the management of our business areas through partnership programs in energy programs, eco-innovation and sustainable development value generators. The development of the tool, “Sustainable Development Guide development projects” that complies with sustainable development in all phases of implementation and lifespan of the projects of urbanization is a reality in all its projects.

3. Internal and external transfer of knowledge and experience-benchmarking-through agreements with state-level societies (Sprilur, Sepes, Incasol, EPSA) with the aim of studying and more sustainable solutions and offer industrial land in most competitive economic conditions .

4. Support level of innovation of firms in our parks and estates through COPIT Program (Cooperation between Industrial and Technology Parks), through participation in state-level associations (ECE Spanish Confederation of Business Parks).